Enjoy Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara
Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Enjoy Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara, California sits along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. On the opposite side, the Santa Ynez Mountains are peaking in all of their glory. The skies are the perfect mixture of baby blue and soft, gently clouds, bringing down a pristine temperature averaging about 75 degrees daily. There is plenty to see and do in the city on top of the chance to unwind and relax on the beach of while hiking a trail to the mountain. Celebrities love the city. There are a number of famous names who call the city their own and double the number who own homes in the area. Oprah Winfrey is just one of the many names who owns property in the beautiful area of Santa Barbara.

It isn’t a secret that all of this wonderfulness comes at a cost, and the city is one of the most expensive to purchase a home in the entire state. In 2013, the average cost for a three bedroom home in the city was $990,000. Individuals who decide to rental home well spend around $3,000 in monthly rental fees! Does this mean that enjoying all that is offered is out of the question? Not at all, thanks to the many vacation rentals offered for visitors. Although purchasing or renting might be out of the question, enjoying a few wonderful days and nights in the city can be a dream come true.

A vacation rental is a home that you rent for a period of one week or more. The house is usually on the beach , near the mountains or other unique location so you have spectacular views during your stay. The vacation homes are elegantly decorated, lush landscaping on the outside and premium decoration and amenities on the inside, and equipped with everything needed to make an elaborate vacation. This includes beds, linens, even the pots and the pans. Depending upon your exact needs and budget, other extras and amenities may also be provided in the vacation homes.

The cost of a vacation rental in Santa Barbara varies. There are several contributing factors that lead to the actual amount that you will spend, including the duration of the trip, the vacation rental chosen and the time of the year that you visit. Peak season in Santa Barbara is during the months of May – August, and you can expect prices to be higher since so many people are anxious to visit during these months. Ian Filippini recommends comparing before booking any vacation rental in the city.

As a long time resident of Santa Barbara, Ian Filippini (Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. president) understands that sometimes you can get carried away in all of the glitz and glamour the city offers, resulting in more money than intended coming from the wallet. Rather than risk this, a comparisons ensures that you are spending a comfortable amount for your rental. It is free to compare and takes only a short amount of time to complete. With the chance to save so much money, why you wouldn’t want to compare is the real question of the matter.

Also , keep in mind that if you decide to visit, doing so during off season is one sure way to get the vacation rental for less. These months still have plenty to offer, and the biggest difference is nothing more than the size of the crowds.  In fact, some of the rentals can come with price tags slashed in half during the off-season months, but again this depends on a number of different factors and comparing is the only way to get the best rates.

To learn more about the many different vacation homes in the city and how to rent them for your next getaway, using the internet to do your research is a good idea. There are a number of companies in the area, and it is only when you research that you will find the best company to handle your needs.

Now that you’ve learned so much great information about Santa Barbara vacation rentals, be sure that  you take the time to speak with Ian Filippini or one of his expert advisors at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. This wealth management agency offers a versatile menu of services designed to help you maintain your wealth and financial status. With the help of these experts, maybe one day you can come to the city and buy your own home rather than simply enjoy a rental for a short spell.



Downtown Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara
Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Downtown Santa Barbara

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A visit to Santa Barbara, California is an experience of a lifetime. The beautiful city of just under 90,000 people is a popular tourist spot, thanks to its pristine location tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains as well as the outstanding weather conditions present throughout the year. There are many attractions available to visit in the city, but if you truly want to experience what the city is all about, it is the downtown area that you need to visit.

Downtown Santa Barbara has everything that the visitor could want or need, from art and dining to shopping and museums and so much more. There is also a nice mixture of cultural activities available throughout the downtown area, as well as hotels to accommodate your stay. Indeed, downtown Santa Barbara has something to offer each and every visitor into the city.

To add to the plethora of activities located in the downtown area, the beach is close,  so you’re only steps away from snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, laying in the sun and all of the other fun beach activities that you enjoy so well.  Ian Filippini, president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., has lived in the city his entire life. In his opinion (and in the opinion of many other people,) there is no better way to spend the day than living it up at the beach.

Free parking is available if you plan to drive. This parking allows you 75 minutes of free parking, with rates for each hour following that time period allocated at a rate of $1.50. Sunday parking is free for unlimited amounts of time. If you decide not to drive, there are a number of transportation options that can help you get around. Those transportation options include the public bus system as well as a trolley service.

Among the downtown attractions that you will find available:

  • Elizabeth Gordon Gallery: This gallery has been a part of the community for nearly 30 years. The doors opened back in 1984. During this time the gallery has grown into a popular stop for both locals as well as visitors. Inside there is a magnificent collection of contemporary art from around the country.
  • Arigato Sushi: there isn’t a better place in the entire city for sushi, so if you’re ready for something new and different, head to this restaurant for lunch or dinner. There are a variety of sushi dishes to accommodate all needs and tastes, including customer favorites like Salmon Carpaccio, Blue Fin Tuna and Wild Mushroom Soup. The restaurant offers a relaxing environment, backed up attentive service and caring staff.
  • SoHo Restaurant & Bar: Whenever the night falls and you’re ready to get out and have a little fun, SoHo is the place to be seen. This restaurant serves an organic menu filled with bar favorites, and there is a nice mixture of wines, beers and cocktails readily available. Live performances from locals and nationally known names takes place each night, so the fun is always ready when you’re looking.
  • Indigo Interiors: Forget the brand names and head to Indigo Interiors where you will find a variety of home furnishings using natural materials. There are also antiques available. The store is well-manicured and an absolute delight to visit, even if you’re just browsing the available selection.
  • Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.: Ian Filippini is the president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. This is a wealth advisement agency focusing on services that keep you financially secure. Ian Filippini is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to serving the needs of each and every resident of the city with services ranging from insurance products to retirement planning and so much more.

Also keep in mind that there are many festivals and annual events that take place in the downtown area of the city. The dates for these events vary, but if you are in town you are sure to want to be a part of these great happenings. Among the events that you might be interested in are the International Film Festival and Old Spanish Days.

Downtown Santa Barbara

The downtown Santa Barbara area is certainly a place that you will spend a great deal of your time while in the city. The activities and attractions above only begin to detail the fun that awaits in the downtown area, so make sure that you have your agenda clear and take part in as many of these fun activities as your time will allow. You will not be disappointed.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Top Santa Barbara Hotels

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara
Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Top Santa Barbara Hotels

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A visit to beautiful Santa Barbara, California is one never to be forgotten. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara blogs know whether you’ve arrived to enjoy a sampling of the delicious tasting wines produced in ‘Wine Country,’ want to have a bit of fun in the sun on the gorgeous beaches or prefer the city for its simple luxuries, having a great place to stay while you’re around is a must. Fortunately there is no shortage of beautiful hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations to suit all. Whether you prefer something on the beach or tucked deep behind a mountain, there is something to appease your needs in this city! Let’s examine a few of the best accommodation spots available.

The Spanish Garden Inn is an excellent hotel with the features and amenities that you desire while traveling. Located on State Street in the heart of downtown, this hotel is within close proximity to all of the city’s best attractions, as well as restaurants and shopping centers. The hotel offers large rooms with a lobby fireplace and a ton of extra amenities that make the stay complete.

Top Accommodation Choices

Bacara Resort & Spa is pure and simple bliss. As you surround yourself among the gorgeous beaches and palm trees, this resort is pampering you just as kindly, with lavish views of the Pacific Ocean and amazing botanical gardens. Each of the lavish rooms inside of the resort is designed for the comfort of the guest and includes luxurious amenities, plush bedding and ample space to relax and unwind. The resort is located between the Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains.

A White Jasmine Inn is a B&B in the city, and a top spot for travelers who want serenity and a break from the big city life. This B&B offers a personalized and charming stay, complete with breakfast and full amenities inside of one of three specially decorated cottages. A White Jasmine Inn is located in the downtown area of the city, and is a great spot for travelers who want something new and different.

Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort is another fine choice in the city. Staying at this ranch is like taking a step back in time.  Spanned across more than 10,000 acres of land, this ranch offers the guest cowboy-themed adventures from sunrise to sunset. Alisal is located in Solvang, California.

Affordable Accommodations for Travelers

Perhaps your visit to the city is a bit less extravagant, and a simple, modest and reasonably priced hotel is more of what you had in mind. That isn’t a problem, either. There are also lots of great affordable hotels and places to stay that might be of interest to you.

For travelers on a budget, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara review site recommends Best Western. Several of these chain hotels can be found throughout the area, all of which provide affordable rooms for the budget conscience traveler without sacrificing quality.  Complimentary shuttle transportation and buffet-style breakfast are among the amenities Best Western.

The Lemon Tree Inn is a hotel with an enjoyable stay in store for each and every guest. The Crocodile Restaurant is found inside, a must visit for all guests.      Friendly staffs, relaxing rooms and an outdoor pool are among the amenities that can be expected with a stay the Lemon Tree Inn. This reasonably priced hotel offers a convenient location, outstanding customer service and so much more.

Lavender Inn by the Sea, The Sandman Inn and Pacifica Suits are among some of the other top affordable hotels in the area. Each hotel offers its own set of features and amenities, but you can always count on them all to give you what you need for less. These names should be the first ones that you look at when in need of a top-quality hotel.

Call the Filippini Financial Group Before You Go

While in the city, contact the Filippini Financial Group if you want to learn more about any number of financial topics, whether it is retirement related questions or those related to budgeting and saving. Ian Filippini is ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions today and in the future. The Filippini Financial Group is a top name in Santa Barbara, so do not return home without first speaking to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and learning what he and his group can do for you.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara There’s Nothing Like A Great Hamburger

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara
Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

There’s Nothing Like A Great Hamburger

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The Ian Filippini Santa Barbara blog knows that there’s nothing quite like a delicious burger, and if you’re like most people, this is one of the foods that you frequently turn to for indulgence. If you live in Santa Barbara, CA and have a love for burgers, you’re in luck as there are numerous burger joints ready to tempt your tummy with an amazing pile of meat and toppings. Burgers are a popular commodity in the city, so be sure that you get your grub on with a visit to each of these favorite spots at least once.

Habit Burger

The Ian Filippini Santa Barbara review loves Habit Burger, and chances are you will like it as well. He has taken the crew over at Filippini Financial Group to this burger joint on more than one occasion. It can certainly create a habit in your life, since the burgers are just that good. Established in 1969, Habit Burger offers the traditional burger, but you’ll also find new favorites such as the Teriyaki Charburger and a Chicken Club sandwich. Be sure to try a salad while you’re here.

Chubbies Hamburgers

Another spot frequented by Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and other Filippini Financial Group employees, Chubbies offers fantastic outdoor seating, huge burgers and low prices. While a national establishment and not local to Santa Barbara, it is a restaurant worth your while when a hot, greasy burger is all that will satisfy your hunger.  This is a great place to get a good burger fast.

Shoreline Beach Café

At Shoreline Beach Café you get fed well while enjoying an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. The burger here is just one of many fabulous items on the menu, but it is one worth mentioning. For anyone who knows what a good burger tastes like, one bite of any of the plates here will set your sense afire.  Prices are more accommodating than what you might expect, and if customer service is something that you demand, you will fit right in here.

The Hungry Cat

If you want a burger to splurge on, head out to The Hungry Cat. You’ll get to spend more than usual for your burger, all the while savoring every morsel you taste. While the restaurant’s primary food choice is seafood, one taste of the Pug Burger is all that it takes to know you’ve got a great burger in your hands. Covered in Blue cheese and fried egg, among other items, this is a unique burger you must try once!

Char West

A visit to Char West will take you back in time. The cheeseburgers served here are original and tasty while maintaining the affordable prices that diners expect. You’ll make a mess as you chow down on this loaded, greasy burger, but that’s okay. This burger is worth the extra napkins and ketchup on your face.

Natural Café

For those who want a healthier burger option, a visit to the Natural Café is in order. This restaurant offers three different veggie burgers to choose from, each offering its own distinct flavor, never revealing that it is vegetarian. Prices are reasonable at the Natural Café, and service is outstanding. This is a burger joint that has it all together and one worth your time.


What makes the burger so great? It can be constructed in a thousand different ways and each of time taste amazing. You can enjoy a new burger any day, any time and never eat the same burger two times in a row. That point is proved at Quantam Restaurant. Here Mexican –flavored and inspired burgers look just as amazing as they taste, and with that first bite you will have an explosion of flavors that excite the mouth and indulge the taste buds. If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, make sure that you do so sooner rather than later. This is a restaurant that will quickly become a favorite on your list.

Your Choice of Burgers

You’ll find a fair share of fast food joints available as well, if you’d prefer that kind of burger, Jack-in-the-Box, McDonalds, Carl Jr.’s are all names that you will find available. But, with so many other great burger joints serving up a delicious burger, you are likely not going to want any of these choices.

It is up to you to decide where you will go for a burger. Whether you want to dine out at burger joints that Ian Filippini likes or prefer something else, there is certainly an option to cater to your needs in the one and only Santa Barbara, CA.